Introducing Arthost

Collectors and collections aren’t very comfortable buying digital work, yet the number of artists who create digital work grows every year. The challenges of the access to online art lies often in questions related to the care taking of the work, the annual payment of the domain name and outdated technology. ArtHost takes care of this for you!
Simply put, by registering and checking the original creator and creation, related files, source code, documentation and domain name, ensuring that it can be stored and shown by related artists and collectors now and in the future.

ArtHost is a preservation service by LIMA developed in cooperation with DullTech that anyone can use to save complex digital and online artworks. By sending your documentation, source code, files and domain registrations we take care of the sustainable preservation of your artwork.

ArtHost offers server- en browser hosting solutions to provide artists, producers and collections with sustainable ways to give access to their online artworks. Including upload, ingest, checking files, documentation service and maintenance.

ArtHost does not own the works and has no right to present it in an other way than guaranteeing online access. The works under contract
  1. Will not be duplicated, copied, or reproduced in whole or in part otherwise than agreed on,
  2. Will not be exhibited,
  3. Will not be broadcast or cablecast in any manner,
  4. Will not be lent or transferred by ArtHost to any institution or individual.

So get going, set-up a personal account, and start preserving your artworks..